Achievements of the Management of Haji Ali Dargah and Bada Graveyard

News is like listening and telling, so you guys should also listen; The world’s largest tricolor will be installed in the shrine of Haji Ali in Aros-ul-Bilad, Mumbai. The tricolor will be unveiled by the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Isn’t it interesting news!
Listen to one more piece of news; The gates of Mumbai’s Marine Lions Cemetery, also known as the Big Graveyard, have been closed, resulting in people who have to visit the graves of their relatives having to go through difficulties to reach the graves at the same time. They can reach out when the cemetery administration allows them. This news is not too interesting!

Yes, this two news are both interesting and sad. Sad not because there is a plan to hoist the world’s largest flag on a dargah. It is sad because the Dargah administration is presenting the ‘bigness’ of the national flag as a scale in which Muslims’ love for the homeland can be weighed. Let’s accept the ‘big flag’ as a symbol of love for the country, but the question is, whose money and whose rupee is this flag being planted? The answer to this question is the same with the money of ‘Dargah Trust’.

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Haaji Ali Dargah Sahab
Haaji Ali Dargah Sahab

The question is that in the dargah where people give offerings and donations, the management will use the collected money to help the poor and destitute, with this money, arrange for the education of the children who are in need and the sick. will give money for treatment, how can the money of this dargah be used to hoist a very ‘big’ flag? One of the trustees of the Dargah is Sohail Khandwani, who is also the trustee of Hazrat Makhdoom Ali Mahaimi’s Dargah, educational aid was given every year from the trust of both these Dargahs, but that aid has been stopped on the pretext of Corona. The condition of medical aid is also not good.

If someone goes to ask for help, they are told that the trust has no money, no donation or offering has come from anywhere due to Corona! Yes! If it is a matter of an event, money comes out, like money has come out to install the world’s ‘biggest’ event. This is the leadership of us Muslims, and these are our trusts! Can there be any hope of welfare from them? Not exactly.

These trusts and these trustees simply play with the religious sentiments of Muslims and collect money, increase their political stature, protect their interests, and by using this money, invite big political leaders to events and in front of them. They tie their hands. To date, they have not tried to build a hospital, college, or guest house with the money collected so that the nation and the country will benefit. Nor has it ever done any such project. Will consider. Like the trustee of Haji Ali Dargah, there is also the management of the cemetery, which forgot the commandments of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him) during the Corona period, which prevented the dead from being buried without realizing that they were also given a burial place. The day is to die and be buried.

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What big leaders were called! The Jama Masjid, the house of Allah, the abode of worshipers, had been transformed into a place of worship. Even today, these people who bow their heads in front of foreigners are not well, even today they are disturbing the visitors to the cemetery. If there is a grave of Yakub Memon in the cemetery, and someone goes there, what does it have to do with those people who go to visit the graves of their relatives, parents, etc., why are the gates of the cemetery closed to them?

Remember, those who persecute the servants of Allah can never live in China. There are many issues of Bada cemetery, there are many complaints, consider them too, don’t close the gates of the cemetery just because of politicians saying who decorated the grave of Atanki Yakub Memon.

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