How to Have A Good Conversation? Short Story for Having a Good Conversation

Iqbal Ahmed was born in a small village in India. Father was killed in front of his eyes in a land dispute.In 1947, he walked with his brother from Bihar to Lahore. But California entered college in America and began studying politics and Middle East history.

Fell in love with Ibn Khaldun and devoted himself to the history of the Middle East and North Africa. Intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, Edward Saeed, and Arun Dutti Roy were influenced by Iqbal Ahmed and made him his friend. I began to sit up and down, the rigors of life and the company of global intellectuals made him an enemy of war and an opponent of the global economic system, and he openly propagated communism. He used to listen to lectures, great intellectuals were influenced by him.

Mian Nawaz Sharif brought Iqbal Ahmed to Pakistan in 1997 and made him head of the Textile Institute of Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif also allotted land to him to build a private and autonomous university in Islamabad. They wanted to build Khaldonia University in Pakistan.

The government gave him a charter. Iqbal Ahmed started his work but unfortunately, he got colon cancer. And he was a famous person, you can guess it from only one thing. On his death, Hampshire College organized a condolence ceremony. People like United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, and Arun Dutti Roy participated in this ceremony. and openly acknowledged their services.

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Short Story for Having a Good Conversation

All this background of Iqbal Ahmad was written just to narrate one incident. Iqbal Sahib returned to Pakistan after 40 years and settled in Islamabad. One day one of his friends asked him, “While you were in Pakistan, did you go to America?” “What do you miss about Europe and the Middle East?” He smiled and said, “Good conversation.” There are many topics, but in Pakistan, whether they are uneducated or literate, be they a taxi driver or a boss sitting in an office, they don’t have any topic except politics and scandals. Let that party turn into politics and scandals of politicians in a few minutes. And people will continue to talk about it for hours, and there is no gain from this talk, people talk about ideas all over the world, but everywhere in Pakistan, in every gathering, personalities take the place of ideas. I do the conversation.

25 years ago today, Iqbal Ahmed commented on the psychological state of our country and this was the situation in Pakistan before social media and WhatsApp. “Allah has blessed Iqbal sir” with the invention of social media. First left the world, otherwise, they would be roaming the streets today as madmen. Our country has a terrible dearth of “good conversation”. become

You will get nothing but political rumors, political jokes, and political gossip and if you somehow get rid of politics, you will fall into the pool of religious talk and all that talk is as unsubstantiated as political talk. Events will consist of ‘Our whole country is suffering from speaking disorder’ Each of us goes to sleep saying three to four million words every day.

Story for Having a Good Conversation
Story for Having a Good Conversation

Some people are not satisfied with this even they mumble in their sleep, but when you extract the essence of this conversation, nothing comes out of it except personalism and politics. And it does not leave any stone unturned in it. ‘There is nothing in his conversation except politics and religion and these are hearsay and unverified things.’

Man is a speaking animal’ it expresses and expression requires ideas and ideas require information and knowledge and knowledge and information requires reading and wandering and wandering and sitting in the company of people who read and We don’t do that, so what are we going to hear and what are we going to talk about? New ideas Where will new ideas come from? What a conversation we will have! Therefore, there is a lack of knowledge, information, good conversation, and new ideas in this society, even though this lack has created a crisis of good conversation in our society.

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