My Wish Tea, My Tea, My Passion Tea

My passion is tea, my choice is tea, my weakness is tea, and my strength is tea. Friend of loneliness, companion of sorrow, cure of sorrow, relieves pain, increases happiness.

When I think about it, I start to get nervous. If you look at the picture, you will be shocked. You will not believe that whenever I see people drinking tea in a serial, I explain to myself that they are acting. Hahaha
Despite being such a tea lover, I don’t drink more than two cups of tea a day. I think that its abundance should not take away its value from me.

Allah has placed so much attraction for me in this tea that just by chanting its name, nature is intoxicated.
I am thankful to Allah that every love relationship of mine has always taken care of this choice of mine.

In my mother’s house, everyone used to drink tea and I often made it myself. One day, if she used to pretend to survive by making more, mother would say let her stay, you will get used to going if you drink. This is not a good habit. People kept coming and going. When you offer tea made with your own intention to someone, you feel like you are giving your precious thing to someone for free.

Once a month, my mother used to organize a Milad party, on that day tea and bean would be made for fifty or more people. Just on that day, we sisters were allowed to eat beans and drink tea by giving tea and bean to everyone. Waiting for that day, I used to start on the second day, then after some time, my ritual was done. I was my mother’s younger daughter.

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My mother used to be sad at the thought of my departure and would say to me, you make tea for everyone and drink half a cup yourself. So mom would say let’s get more milk for you, drink it before going to bed at night and the color will stay bright. So this is how our love for tea turned into a habit. That is the day and today is the day that tea has not left me. Yes, it is a different thing that I tried to break the relationship with him many times, but sometimes he wrapped me up as a medicine for headaches. When I went, sometimes it became a reason for a bad mood and sometimes my sympathizers reconciled me by lovingly saying such sweet words that I could not refuse.

After the marriage, my husband got the best weapon to convince us. One day, if you feel bad and don’t want to eat, they would first serve you tea and then gently force you to eat biscuits or double bread. Be it house shifting or traveling, he used to arrange my tea first everywhere. If he asked me to go out of work and I refused to go, he would tempt me for tea in a good place and I would change my no to yes. Often he would make it with his own hands which everyone would call a lucky wife.

May Allah give him deep relief, he used to take great care of my tea.
Until the marriage of the elder daughter, it was a habit that she used to make my tea as soon as she got up. When I go to my sister’s house, she first orders me to make tea for me. The elder son comes to visit every week, so the daughter-in-law brings a thermos from home and the son stops in the middle and brings tea from the hotel.
All the close people take great care of my tea, Alhamdulillah

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A few months before my mother’s death, I was admitted to the hospital. Sankar went to India, and an eleven-twelve-year-old boy used to bring tea to the ward. I would not let him go and take out the money from my wallet. Even today, my heart aches to remember this cup of tea filled with love. My happy and strong strings of memories are connected with tea, which may break with the strings of life.

In our Hyderabad, if for some reason the guest cannot be polite, then the tea is served. “In a way, it keeps the relationships together. If it quenches the hunger of the poor, it increases the glory of the rich. It offers luxury at a low price. Everyone likes tea.

Once it touches your mouth, you will want to drink it again and again. After drinking it, there is no desire to drink anything more. Those who say it also call it a bad addiction. Say anything, yes, this is my habit, my demand and my desire is tea.
Looking at a picture of tea, the eyes froze and the mind started moving, the heart moved the hands and see what he wrote to me, this is clear proof of my love for tea.

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