Why Are Self-Help Books Disliked?

Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskowitz was once asked in an intro, “And tell me how it felt to become a successful billionaire overnight?”
“By overnight, if you mean working hours every night for seven years, believe me, it was very hard and mentally exhausting work to become a billionaire,” Dustin replied.

(Dustin didn’t know that he would become a billionaire after seven years of hard work, he was just doing his job regardless of the outcome)

Among the many vain fantasies of the human mind, a strange fantasy is that it wants a book that contains the solutions to all its problems that will change its life and that too without action.

In the case of a companion, a good relationship can be formed only if there are no mistakes or flaws, if there are children, they are like robots and dance on the signals of their parents and are figures of intelligence. Not even to show performance but to do his business and the development and results of business should be done overnight just like a pizza order is done with one click and online shopping is done in a few minutes. This “one-click” convenience of the modern world has made us understand that the results of everything can be achieved at the click of a button without any effort. And the same thought goes towards our self-help books that just read a few books and all the problems go away.

I have read countless self-help books over the past three years. People criticize the self-help industry like motivational speakers and call them scams and frauds. My own journey with self-help has been very interesting and I would like to share with you all what I have learned from this journey based on my experience.

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“Forty-Eight Laws of Power” by Robert Greene

Self-Help Books
Self-Help Books

In Robert Greene’s book “Forty-Eight Laws of Power” he writes that “it is better to learn from the wisdom and mistakes of others than to learn from your own mistakes”. The best means of reading others’ mistakes, their inventions or their wisdom is ‘Kitab’. The modern world has made the book very common, but reading the book is very special (reading a book is not easy in this age of entertainment and distraction). I started reading books to improve myself and find solutions to my problems because I probably took Robert Greene’s words too seriously!

Whenever I read a self-help book, I used to think that my problems will be solved just by reading this book, but is that the case? Would my problem be solved? Are self-help books wrong, or are our thinking or our expectations of them?

By reading books you get to know the experiences of other human beings, the history of sharing knowledge and knowledge is very old. When humans were hunter-gatherers, they shared information about poisonous and edible plants in the wild, and today, advice about productivity and good careers and work is shared.

What Happens When You Read A Book?

Are Self-Help Books Disliked (1) (1)
Are Self-Help Books Disliked (1) (1)

By reading the book, you get information and awareness, they say that detecting the disease is half the cure, and they are right. But half of the healing journey to recovery is still to be done, and this journey, full of ups and downs and mistakes, has led me to realize that action is the most important thing and that Everything without it is futile and the second is that every book has a wisdom in it, you learn something from every book and move forward.

No book will change your life, but some books will destroy your many beliefs and make some new beliefs and this process of forming and breaking beliefs continues throughout your life because of the nature of breaking old things and making new ones. Sounds good and this is the system he has implemented in our brains as well. And where you stop at a book (doctrine), then you stand against the basic law of nature “change” which is definitely harmful. Then Taoism teaches us to “be like water”.

There’s nothing wrong with self-help books like any other, the problem lies in our unrealistic expectations. We must understand that no book in the world is complete and some books are indeed worthy of criticism. I learned something from every book, followed some things, and gave them up when I didn’t get any results because those principles might not have worked for me, but that doesn’t mean I start bashing the writers that you wrote. Why write this book or all your principles are worthless and useless, nothing has changed in my life and all self-help books are useless.

The writers will write anything that doesn’t work for you, you reject it and move on because their ideas or principles don’t match yours or they don’t produce any results (often we want immediate results). No one is forcing the principles that you disagree with, but you certainly have the right to criticize those principles.

The new is a place where there is uncertainty, where the knowledge learned from others along with your own experiences are like tools for you to practice and have which you find difficult and uncertain. I will not allow myself to become somewhat helpless and chaotic.

Without action and patience, no result can come. No matter how much knowledge and wisdom one has, action is certainly a very difficult task. Whatever the book may be, it must tell you something about work. It is better to take care of this work and let go of the rest that is not of your work than to hate certain books. to scold Indeed, scolding reflects the state of your inner feelings!


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